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What is SEO Consulting, and, moreover, what can it do for you? Unlike an ordinary SEO, who charges thousands to optimize your website for search engine performance, an SEO Consultant draws up a concise strategy for you or your web designer to follow.

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SEO What? Isn't SEO just a Con?

Although Google has been clear about the fact that it does not tolerate the 'artificial manipulation' of its ranking system and penalizes those websites that break its quality guidelines accordingly, there are still any amount of SEO companies out there who promise to make your site soar to the top of the Google rankings, if only you let them charge you thousands for making a few tweaks, which may work for a couple of months, but will eventually cause the site to receive a ranking penalty, or worse still, see it banned altogether.


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But the online business world is growing wise to Smooth-Talking, Hard-Selling, One-Book SEO Experts, who have to pick the brains of real experts in a Google Help Group for advice to pass off as their own.

And so, SEO Consulting is becoming the way forward for online entrepreneurs

So what are the main differences between an SEO Consulting Specialist and an ordinary SEO?
A conventional SEO carries out work on his client's behalf, and thus has an interest in selling the client as expensive an optimization package as humanly possible, even if this means convincing them that their website would perform so much better in the Google rankings, if only it had more 'Pictures of Frogs'.

Conversely, the SEO Consultant does not do any actual optimization work, but analyzes the client's requirements and draws up a comprehensive Internet promotion strategy, based on professional experience and the data collected during the initial analysis. Then, the client can hire any competent web designer for a fraction of the cost an SEO would charge. Since the consultant does not end up carrying out the necessary work, there is no danger of them trying to sell you the Pictures of Frogs add-on just to make an extra buck, so you as the client, stand to save a substantial amount of money.



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Google's increasing focus on social metrics has triggered a sharp shift in the way many SEO professionals approach web promotion. But will becoming a superstar on Google+ have any real bearing on search rankings?

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